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Santa Barbara Reads
a community reading program
In Partnership with UCSB Reads

Moonwalking with Einstein:
the art and science of remembering everything

by Joshua Foer

January – February 2013


UCSB Campbell Hall
Author Joshua Foer will speak about his research and writing
Mon., March 4 – 8:00pm  (Free)

UCSB Pollack Theater
Screening of the film Rainman, and Q&A with
Oscar winning screenwriter Barry Morrow.
Wed. Jan. 30 – 7:00-10:00pm ($5)

Montecito Library, 1469 E. Valley Road, Montecito
Panel Discussion with Susan Derwin (Interdisciplinary Humanities Center)
Helen Morales (UCSB Classics)
Kathleen Moore (UCSB Religious Studies)
Skona Brittain (Math and Games Specialist)
Wed. Feb. 13 -- 6:00pm (Free)

Central Library, 40 E. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara
Panel Discussion with Ken Kosik (Cottage Center for Brain Fitness)
Bruce Robertson (UCSB Art Museum)
Ruth Hellier-Tinoco (UCSB Music)
Dominique Jullien (UCSB Comparative Literature)
Wed. Feb 20 -- 6:00pm  (Free)

UCSB Davidson Library
Panel discussion with Paul Rivas (Campus Learning Assistance Services)
Robert Morstein-Marx (UCSB Classics)
Mike Gazzaniga (SAGE Center for the Study of Mind)
Tues., Feb. 26 – 4:30pm  (Free)

Solvang Library, 1745 Mission Drive, Solvang
Panel discussion Patrick Faverty (UCSB Education)
John Park (UCSB Asian American Studies)
Cheryl Jaworski (UCSB English)
Thur. Feb. 28 -- 6:00pm  (Free)

Selected Books on Memory in the Black Gold Library System

The guardian of all things: the epic story of human memory.  Malone, Michael S. St. Martin's Press, 2012.
Improve your memory. Fry, Ronald W. Course Technology PTR, c2012.
Total memory makeover : uncover your past, take charge of your future. Henner, Marilu. Gallery Books, 2012.

Maximum brainpower: challenging the brain for health and wisdom. Breznitz, Shlomo. Ballantine Books, 2012.

Train your brain for success: read smarter, remember more, and break your own records. Seip, Roger. Wiley, c2012.

Brain rules: 12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home, and school.(+DVD) Medina, John. Pear Press, c2008.

Can't remember what I forgot: the good news from the front lines of memory research. Halpern, Sue. Harmony Books, c2008.

In search of memory: the emergence of a new science of mind.  Kandel, Eric R. W. W. Norton & Company, c2006.

The memory doctor: fun, simple techniques to improve memory & boost your brain power. Mason, Douglas J. New Harbinger Publications, c2005. 

The Harvard Medical School guide to achieving optimal memory. Nelson, Aaron. McGraw-Hill, c2005.

Secrets, lies, betrayals: how the body holds the secrets of a life, and how to unlock them. Scarf, Maggie. Random House, 2004.

Intelligent memory: improve the memory that makes you smarter. Gordon, Barry, M.D. Viking, 2003.

Saving your brain: the revolutionary plan to boost brain power, improve memory, and protect yourself against aging and Alzheimer's.  Victoroff, Jeffrey Ivan.  Bantam Books, c2002.

The seven sins of memory: how the mind forgets and remembers.  Schacter, Daniel L.  Houghton Mifflin, 2001.

I remember. Brainard, Joe. Granary Books, Distributed to the trade by D.A.P., 2001.
365 brainpower tips. Harland, Simone. Dumont Monte, 2001.

Natural treatments to improve memory. Dentali, Steven. Prima Health, c2000.

The memory manual: 10 simple things you can do to improve your memory after 50. Fielding, Betty. Quill Driver Books, c1999.

Memory: from mind to molecules. Squire, Larry R. Scientific American Library : Distributed by W.H. Freeman and Co., 1999.

Past forgetting: my memory lost and found. Robinson, Jill. Cliff Street Books, c1999.

The complete idiot's guide to improving your memory. Kurland, Michael. Alpha Books, c1999.

Committed to memory: how we remember and why we forget. Rupp, Rebecca. Crown, c1998.

Accelerated learning for the 21st century: the six-step plan to unlock your master-mind. Rose, Colin Penfield. Delacorte Press, 1997.
Brain longevity: the breakthrough medical program that improves your mind and memory.
Khalsa, Dharma Singh: Warner Books, 1997.

Double your brain power: increase your memory by using all of your brain all the time. Stine, Jean. Prentice Hall, c1997.

12 steps to a better memory.  Turkington, Carol. Macmillan USA, 1996.

 Searching for memory: the brain, the mind, and the past. Schacter, Daniel L. BasicBooks, c1996.

Memory: remembering and forgetting in everyday life.  Gordon, Barry. Mastermedia Ltd., c1995.

Memory's ghost: the strange tale of Mr. M and the nature of memory.  Hilts, Philip J.
Simon & Schuster, c1995.

Use both sides of your brain. Buzan, Tony. E.P. Dutton, c1983.

Libros En Español

Los desafíos de la memoria [Moonwalking with Einstein]. Foer, Joshua.
Seix Barral, c2012.

Potencia mental. Gormley, James J. Nowtilus, c2007.

Cómo aprender mejor : técnicas para mejorar tu aprendizaje. Ribeiro, Lair. Urano, c2000.

Manual practico para estimular y potenciar la memoria. Hancock, Jonathan. La Isla, 2001.

Como adquirir una supermemoria. Lorayne, Harry. Ediciones B, 1993.

The Black Gold Library System has copies of these DVDs

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • 50 First Dates
  • Memento
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Rain Man
  • Spellbound
  • Total Recall

UCSB Reads page, with extensive resources


  • Alzheimer's Disease Research Center: The Neuroscience Research Institute at UCSB is working to foster knowledge and understanding of the nervous system by serving as a center for scientific research breakthroughs, including on Alzheimer's.
  • American Memory: Digitized collections from the Library of Congress documenting the American experience in written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music.
  • "How Smart Can We Get?": An extensive website developed by PBS in conjunction with their Nova program on memory and the brain.
  • Memory Exhibition: An online exhibition developed by the Exploratorium museum in San Franciso featuring articles, audio lectures, and video. See a sheep brain dissected. Watch an artist paint his childhood home from memory. Play memory games, and much more.
  • The META Lab (Memory, Emotion, Thought, Awareness): This UCSB research lab (PI: Jonathan Schooler) combines "empirical, philosophical, and contemplative traditions" to address broad interdisciplinary questions related to the mind.
  • USA Memory Championship: The official website of The USA Memory Championship, an annual tournament consisting of memory challenging competitive events which author Joshua Foer competes in and wins.

Santa Barbara Reads is the community reading program sponsored by the Santa Barbara Public Library System since 2002, when the first book, T.C. Boyle’s Tortilla Curtain, was featured.

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