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Reserve an Internet Computer
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PC Reservation Guidelines / Procedures


Patrons are allowed 90 minutes per day, although the longest sessions are for 60 minutes (with 15 and 30 minute computers available at some locations - ask a staff member for additional assistance). For example, if someone uses only 40 minutes of their 90 minute daily allotment, then they can then place a second reservation for the remaining 50 minutes, but only after they have logged off from their first session.

· Reservations may be made up to one day in advance.

· For scheduling purposes, reservations are made be made to the nearest quarter-hour; for example, if you reserve from 10:15a to 11:15a, the next reservation on that computer would be from 11:30a to 12:30p.

· The timer begins as soon as the reservation starts, so if someone takes 5 minutes to gather their belongings and keeps the next person from logging into their computer, their reservation length will be affected.

· Patrons may lock the machine (to use the restroom, get up and stretch, etc.) and come back and unlock and finish using their time; if the reservation ends before you return, the lock will automatically expire.

· Because the system only allows one reservation at a time, if you wish to change or modify an existing reservation you should cancel your existing reservation first before making a new reservation.

· Each reservation includes a 5 minute grace period; however, if you are over 5 minutes late for your reservation, the computer is no longer reserved for you. If nobody is at the computer, you may still sit down and use it as with any non-reserved, available computer.

· A photo ID with name and date-of-birth is required for an Internet only card.

· Guest/Tourist passes require a photo ID such as a passport or driver's license.

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